April 25 Cozy Point Ranch  CWHJA Show
May 9 Strang Ranch  CWHJA Show
June 20, 21 Strang Ranch  CWHJA Show
July 5 Strang Ranch  CWHJA Show
July 25, 26 Cozy Point Ranch CWHJA Show
August 8, 9 Strang Ranch CWHJA Show
August 15, 16 Abundant Acres CWHJA Show
August 29, 30 Cozy Point Ranch CWHJA Show
September 26, 27 Carbondale Rodeo Grounds CWHJA Show
October Cozy Point Ranch  Year End CWHJA Show


Riders registered under SHOW CAMP must have their own horse or lease one of our available show circuit horses.  Riders in this section will focus on all aspects of horse showing from learning to do show braids, polish boots, and of course how to advance and compete in the various show circuits.  Show Campers will enjoy a regular lesson and a second riding opportunity of a hack out or bareback ride.


Camp Cozy Point offers several Premier Show Quality horses for lease to qualified riders.  The “lease” is a basic use fee with the only obligation being the length of the lease (minimum lease is two weeks).  The Director will match horse and rider.  Lease fees vary depending on horse, but in general average $400/week.

Photos of our horses for lease coming soon!


Horse shows are opportunities for riders to show case the hard work and skills they have been working on from the basics of the new rider to jumping courses. Our philosophy is that the show is a place for the rider to ride his or her best, not better than everyone else. A prepared rider who rides their personal best, will come home rewarded.

Is your child ready to participate in a horse show?

The Camp Director will determine if your child is ready to participate in a show based on three primary items:

  1. Clear ability to control their horse
  2. Correct riding position
  3. Adequate skill level

Ability to control the horse not only includes the being able to steer and ask the horse to move slower or faster, but also includes the rider’s ability to make safe decisions while mounted.

Correct riding position is essential for the rider to be safe.  Adequate skill level is needed for the rider to have a positive show experience. We take all levels of riders to the horse shows, from walk-trot riders to jumpers.

Each rider must clearly demonstrate an understanding and ability of the skills required at their level to attend a horse show. An unprepared rider will be frustrated by the show process and may not understand why they are not awarded a ribbon.


Our training program is a fun and supportive environment.  Many of our local summer camp riders grow into members of our IEA Middle & High School team – Aspen Equestrian Team as well as show at the rated shows. As one parent said, “You made all of my daughters riding dreams come true!”

Questions? Ask Michelle!